Vis-à-vis: Beginning French - 5th Edition

Vis-à-vis: Beginning French - 5th Edition

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More than any other Beginning French program, Vis-à-vis captures students' attention and engages them as they build a solid foundation of language and culture. The fifth edition of Vis-à-vis achieves this through its unique blending of contemporary culture and digital tools with the building blocks of the four-skills approach. The innovative features of Vis-à-vis engage students and connect them to the content. Students will be intrigued by the cultural content and delighted by the new features such as pronunciation tips and mini-tutorials on French slang. Plus, there is a robust suite of digital components, all conveniently available in one location, Centro, McGraw-Hill's exclusive digital platform.

Vis-à-vis engages students with its unique integration of contemporary culture and communicative building blocks, providing tools to build a solid foundation in introductory French. The hallmarks of Vis-à-vis include: 

      An easy-to-navigate chapter structure with four lessons in which vocabulary, grammar, and culture work together as integrated units; helping instructors to easy develop all four skills.
      An abundance of practice activities that range from form-focused to communicative. All these activities are in Connect and many of them are auto-graded, given students the opportunity to complete their assignments and come to class better prepared to participate in paired and group activities.
     Diverse coverage of the Francophone world the program’s meaningful and extensive exploration of the rich culture of France and the Francophone world is fully supported throughout the program with videos, interviews, and cultural based activities.
      Consistency and Performance: Vis-à-vis offers a dynamic adaptive learning tool called LearnSmart that focuses students on the grammar and vocabulary they haven’t yet mastered, filling the gaps to prepare them for in-class communication.

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