The Incredible Journey

The Incredible Journey

Category: Novels
Sub Category: Trade Books
Collection(s): Award Winning Books
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$6.99 each

ISBN: 978-1-4431-0018-2

* John Newbery Medal Winner * 

* Lewis Carroll Shelf Award

* CLA Book of the Year for Children Award

* Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award

* Pacific Northwest Library Association Young Reader's Choice Award

* William Allen White Children's Book Award

* Aurianne Award

Reading Level by Grade : G6- G12

Interest Grades : G4 - G8

  • Description

First published in 1961, The Incredible Journey tells the story of three pets: a young Labrador retriever, an old bull terrier, and a Siamese cat. While their owners are away in England, they are being cared for by a family friend at his home in the country. But a miscommunication occurs between the friend and his housekeeper when he goes on a hunting trip, and the animals are left alone for a several hours, with a gnawing instinct that something has gone wrong. They soon set off on a journey to find home, which instinct tells them is to the west.

They travel 400 kilometres across the Northern Ontario wilderness, facing many obstacles along the way: swift-flowing rivers and the rugged landscape; wild animals and unsympathetic humans; starvation, injuries and sheer exhaustion. Separately they would not have survived, but together this disparate group prevails, and they find their way home to the family they love.

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