The Art of Problem Solving: Precalculus Solutions Manual

The Art of Problem Solving: Precalculus Solutions Manual

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Math Contest
ISBN: 9781934124178

Chapter 1  - a review of functions / Students who have studied Introduction to Algebra and Intermediate Algebra textbooks of Art of Problem Solving can safely skim this material. Students who are less familiar with functions should study this chapter closely.

The rest chapters are divided into three parts.

Chapter 2 through 5 are a thorough exploration of trigonometric functions, trigonometric identities, and their application to Euclidean and analytic geometry.

Chapter 6 through 8 cover complex numbers and their relationships to trigonometry and geometry.

Chapter 9 through 12 offer an introduction to vectors and matrices in two and three dimensions

Chapter 13 - Vectors are applied to Euclidean geometry.

The Art of Problem Solving Precalculus textbook is sold separately.

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