Stepping Stones: The Three Musketeers SS Classic

Stepping Stones: The Three Musketeers SS Classic

Category: English
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$6.99 each

ISBN: 9780679860174

Stepping Stones Classic Reading Upgrade Series

Reading Level : 2.7

Age : 6-9

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"All for one, and one for all!" Headstrong young d'Artagnan, fresh from the country, meets the three musketeers in an unusual way.  One by one, he challenges each of them to a duel! But before long, they become good friends as d'Artagnan and the musketters get caught up in the trickery of the French court.  They must guard the queen against the evil plots of Cardinal Richelieu.  Will their withs and swords be quick enough to protect her - and save their own lives?

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