Stepping Stones: The Blue Ghost SS Mystery

Stepping Stones: The Blue Ghost SS Mystery

Category: English
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$6.99 each

ISBN: 9780375833397

Stepping Stones Mystery Reading Upgrade Series

Reading Level : 2.5

Age : 6-9

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Liz's grandmother has lived for years and years in an old log cabin in the woods of Minnesota.  When Liz goes for a visit, a noise wakes her in the middle of the night.  It's a voice, calling her name - "Elizabeth!" Liz opens her eyes and sees a mysterious blue glow lighting up the room.  The glow is coming from a shimmery woman in an old-fashioned dress.  It's a ghost! 

Who is the ghostly lady?  Why is she calling Liz's name?  And how can Liz help someone who has been dead for over a hundred years?

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