Singapore Math Challenge Word Problems Grade 4+

Singapore Math Challenge Word Problems Grade 4+

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ISBN: 9781483854120

Singapore Math Challenge Word Problems Grade 4+ by Carson Dellosa Education

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GRADE 4/AGES 9-10: This book helps children find a variety of intriguing problems and problem-solving methods. Using the tips offered, solving these problems will help students develop skill as a mathematical thinker.

INCLUDES: An introduction explaining the Singapore Math method, common word problems found on assessments, and an answer key with worked out solutions that help students see how to work the problems.

WHY SINGAPORE MATH: Many students struggle with word problems. The Singapore Math curriculum aims to help students develop necessary concepts and skills for everyday life.

COMPREHENSIVE: Key concepts are introduced and built-on to reinforce mathematical ideas and thinking. Features one problem per page, so as not to be overwhelming to young learners.

HOMESCHOOL FRIENDLY: Perfect as a supplement to classroom work or as a homeschool resource, this series is perfect for students who are ready to apply what they know to real-world scenarios.

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