Read and Understand Science, Grades 4-6

Read and Understand Science, Grades 4-6

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ISBN: 9781557998576

Read and Understand, Science, Grades 4–6+ presents stories that range from high-third grade to high-sixth grade in readability.

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Topics presented include:

*Life Science—the common cold, tide pool life, yeast, diversity of animal eyes, conflict of conservation and tourism, cell structure and diversity, sickle-cell anemia.

*Physical Science—potential and kinetic energy, types of solar radiation, light reflection and refraction, chemical compounds, flight and rocketry, the periodic table of elements.

*Earth & Space Science—gravity, comets, types of rocks, total solar eclipse, tornadoes, tectonic plates and earthquakes, global warming.

*Science & Technology—the process of invention, alternative fuel sources, invention of the microwave, improving airplane wing design, global warming, telescopes, communications devices through the years.

As reviewed in the NSTA's Science Scope Journal, Read and Understand Science, Grades 4-6 is a practical tool for introducing and explaining scientific vocabulary through developmentally appropriate nonfiction stories. It effectively integrates science with language arts and aligns with the standards.

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