Read and Understand Science, Grades 1-2

Read and Understand Science, Grades 1-2

Category: Science
Sub Category: School Science K-12
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$24.99 each

ISBN: 9781557998545

Read and Understand Science, Grades 1–2 presents stories that range from beginning first to beginning third in readability. The stories for grades 1-2 are comprised of four half pages. Students cut the pages and staple them together to create four-page minibooks.

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Topics presented include:

Life Science-leaves, baby/parent resemblance, growth needs of plants, animal tracks, the sea otter, tadpole to frog, the five senses, skeleton
Physical Science-sink and float, light, properties of materials, combining materials, states of matter, water vapor, water freezing, surface tension
Earth & Space Science-the sun, air, erosion, gravity, Earth’s rotation, composting
Science & Technology-measuring temperature, machines, improving the function of a design

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