Problems and How to Solve Them - Volume 3

Problems and How to Solve Them - Volume 3

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Math Contest
ISBN: 9780921418146

Grade 7-8

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This book about mathematical problem solving is aimed at helping students, their teachers and parents gain a greater understanding of this extremely important area of mathematical study. The book includes discussion on topics contained in the grades 7 and 8 curricula of all jurisdictions. As well as basic ideas, extensions are provided that will help both students and teachers better understand the basics on which the subject is built. There are numerous worked examples, exercises designed to ensure that fundamentals are understood, and problems ranging from very simple to demanding. Answers to the exercises, including solutions in some cases, are given, as well as complete solutions to all the problems. Topics discussed are Numeracy, Geometry, Measurement, Patterns, Algebra, Counting and Probability.

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