Practice Makes Perfect: Basic Chinese, Premium Second Edition

Practice Makes Perfect: Basic Chinese, Premium Second Edition

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The go-to guide to Chinese—now with streaming audio of spoken Chinese that dramatically improves your pronunciation skills

Whether you are learning on your own with a textbook or taking a beginning class, Practice Makes Perfect: Basic Chinese will support your study and build your confidence in Chinese. In each bite-size lesson of this proven guide, the authors explain one or two grammar concepts and illustrates them with clear examples. These lessons are purposely short, so you can complete them in twenty minutes of less, and go at a pace that works for you.

More than 150 entertaining exercises will help you practice your new skills. And this new edition is accompanied by flashcards and audio recordings, available via app, that will provide a new dimension and flexibility to your study.

Practice Makes Perfect: Basic Chinese will help you master:

• High-frequency vocabulary
• Common sentence structures
• Core grammar concepts
• Reading the simplified version of Chinese characters (supported by pinyin throughout)

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Part I1 Pronouns · Simple sentence structure · Nations and nationalities
2 The verb y?u (I) to have · Family
3 Questions with ma · Fruits
4 Adverbs y? and d?u· Food 
5 Sentences with a verbal predicate · Time words and daily activities
Review 1 Lessons 1–5
Part II
6 Questions with an interrogative pronoun · Beverages
7 Numbers 1–100 · Arithmetic expressions
8 Sentences with a nominal predicate · Expressing age · Telling time
9 Years, months, dates, days of the week · Expressing dates
10 Numeral measure words · Demonstratives with a numeral measure word · Clothing · Verbs for put on/wear
Review 2 Lessons 6–10
Part III
11 Sentences with an adjectival predicate · Elliptical questions with ne · Greetings and descriptions
12 Affirmative-negative questions · Moods and tastes
13 Alternative questions · Occupations
14 Attributives · Demonstratives and noun phrases · The school
15 The de phrase · Questions with ba · Colors and more clothing
Review 3 Lessons 11–15
Part IV 
16 The verb y?u (II) indicating existence · More measure words · The classroom 
17 Location words · Verbs y?u, shì, zài indicating existence 
18 Verb reduplication · Tag questions with h?o ma· Activities and chores
19 The complement of state · Classroom activities
20 Sentences with subject-predicate as predicate · Adjective reduplication · Parts of the body
Review 4 Lessons 16–20
Part V 
21 Pivotal sentences · Sentences with double objects · Entertainment
22 Prepositional phrases with zài, cóng, dào · Public places 
23 Adverbials · Sentences with serial verb phrases · Daily Routines
24 Auxiliary verbs (I) xi?ng, yào, huì, néng, k?y? · Sports and games 
25 Events that are going to take place · Future plans
Review 5 Lessons 21–25
Part VI
26 The sentence-final particle le· Shopping
27 The perfective particle le · Expressing completed actions
28 The sentence-final particle · Auxiliary verbs (II) huì, k?néng, bìx?, y?ngg?i, yào, d?i · Weather conditions 
29 Comparative constructions · Quantity complement · Making comparisons
30 The progressive aspect of an action · Expressing actions in progress
Review 6 Lessons 26–30
English-Chinese glossary
Chinese (Pinyin)–English glossary
Answer key
Translations of N? zh?dao ma? Do you know?
McGraw-Hill Language Lab app:
Flashcards: 30 sets
Audio: Answers to 54 exercises

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