Practice Makes Perfect: Advanced French Grammar

Practice Makes Perfect: Advanced French Grammar

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ISBN: 9781260011258
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1 Understanding the verb
2 Compound tenses and agreement of the past participle
3 Use of the past tenses
4 Translating the -ing form into French
5 Relative tenses introduced by que
6 The subjunctive
7 Relative tenses not introduced by que
8 Articles
9 Other determiners
10 Relative pronouns
11 Neutral relative pronouns: translating a different kind of what
12 Determining a noun with prepositions
13 Object pronouns
14 Position of object pronouns
15 Expressing this is and that is: ce, ça, and il
16 Questions
17 Translating for, since, and a few other expressions of time
18 Negative sentences
Answer key

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