Physics 12 by Gordon R. Gore

Physics 12 by Gordon R. Gore

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From the Introduction... Physics 12 is a companion book to Physics 11, which introduces physics. Student Investigations emphasize thoughtful observation, measurement and graphical analysis, using real ‘hands-on’ materials. There are no computer simulations. The author believes that genuine ‘hands-on’ laboratory work is essential to making the subject of physics ‘real’ to students. Physics should be much more than an exercise in applying algebra and trigonometry to ‘formula’ word problems. Exercises and Chapter Review Questions vary in difficulty. They are designed to provide manageable challenges for students, who are still relatively new to the subject. Brain Busters provide extra challenge where it is needed. A Self-Test is provided for each chapter. Students may use these to test their own understanding in preparation for classroom tests provided by their instructor. Answers to the Self-Tests are at the back of the book.

Contents Chapter Page 1 Vectors and Static Equilibrium 5 2 Motion in Two Dimensions 39 3 Momentum and Energy 58 4 Circular Motion and Gravity 96 5 Electrostatics 127 6 Resistor Circuits 161 7 Magnetic Forces 190 8 Electromagnetic Induction 222 9 Answer Key 246 10 Answer Key to Test Yourself! 254 11 Appendix 255

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