Physics 11 by Gordon R. Gore

Physics 11 by Gordon R. Gore

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ISBN: 9781927832165

This book may be used for an introductory course in physics, in which emphasis is placed on concrete demonstrations of physical phenomena and on truly 'hands-on' student laboratory activity. The author draws on many years of teaching experience to make physics understandable and enjoyable. He earnestly believes that physics can and should be fun to learn. By 'fun', the author means 'engaging' and 'involving', as when one pursues a favorite hobby. The book provides a compromise between a traditional, highly mathematical, 'broad coverage' approach, and a purely conceptual approach. The book attempts to provide manageable challenges for students. This book contains many well-known demonstrations of physics principles, and a large number of student investigations. Some of these are descriptive in nature, while others are more analytical. Enough emphasis is placed on measurement and graphical analysis that students should be well prepared if they take a second course in physics in high school or at a post-secondary institution. Exercises and Chapter Review Questions vary in difficulty and in style. Some require non-mathematical, concept-oriented answers while others involve manipulation of formulas that students have learned in the text. Investigations frequently end with optional Challenges for students who wish to pursue topics in detail. Solutions to numerical problems are provided at the back of the book. At the end of each chapter, a self-test called Test Yourself! is provided. Students may write these practice tests, then check their work using the Answer Key at the back of the book. The author sincerely hopes that students who use this book will come away from their first physics course feeling 'glad they took physics'.

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