OTM New France & British North America 1713-1800 Grade 7

OTM New France & British North America 1713-1800 Grade 7

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Activities will help students analyze aspects of the lives of various groups in Canada between 1713 and 1800, and compare them to the lives of people in present-day Canada. Exercises provided to use the historical inquiry process to investigate perspectives of different groups on some significant events, developments, and/or issues related to the shift in power in colonial Canada from France to Britain. Students will be able to describe various significant events, developments, and people in Canada between 1713 and 1800, and explain their impact. Developed to make history curriculum accessible to students at multiple skill levels and with various learning styles.

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The content covers key topics required for seventh-grade history and supports the updated 2013 Ontario Curriculum: History Grade 7.

Topics are presented in a clear, concise manner, which makes the information accessible to struggling learners.

There are two levels of questions for each topic. Illustrations, maps, and diagrams visually enhance each topic and provide support for visual learners. The reading passages focus on the significant people and historic events that were important to Canadian history between 1713 and 1800, giving students a good overall understanding of this time period.

48 Master the Facts game cards review content learned.

Topics Covered Include:

First Nations People
The First People of North America
The Algonquians
Haudenosaunee - Six Nations
The Huron
People of New France and Historic Events
Jacques Cartier (1491 - 1557)
Samuel de Champlain (1567 - 1635)
The territory of New France
The Acadians/Expulsion of the Fur Traders
Seigneurs and Habitants
Tradesman and Merchants
The Government of New France
The Seven Years War (1756 - 1763)
Creation of the British Colony of Quebec
The American Revolution
Loyalist Migration
Boston King
Joseph and Mary Brant
Loyalists Arrive in Nova Scotia
Loyalists in Quebec and Upper Canada
John Graves Simcoe (1752 - 1806)

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