Nonfiction Reading Comprehension: Science, Grade 3

Nonfiction Reading Comprehension: Science, Grade 3

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$18.95 each

Ruth Foster
ISBN: 9781420680218

Introduce students to a world of ideas, people, and events through these high-interest, science-focused reading passages. Each passage is part of a 3-page unit that includes 8 highlighted vocabulary words and 5 multiple-choice questions. The questions aim to dig deeper into students’ understanding of the reading material. Each set includes one question about main idea, one about a specific detail in the passage, and one that uses an analogy to assess comprehension and critical thinking. Other questions based on vocabulary, sequencing, and inference are included in various units. A vocabulary-based writing component is also included with each passage. The book ends with blank answer sheets, a full bibliography, and a complete answer key. Overall, this book is designed to help students improve in a multitude of areas, including reading, science, critical thinking, writing, and test taking. This resource is 144 pages in all.

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