Marketing, Canadian Edition, Hardcover

Marketing, Canadian Edition, Hardcover

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Grewal - a fresh approach to marketing with the emphasis on value creation.

The prevalence and power of the internet has created a marketplace of better informed and savvier customers than ever before. Those who teach the marketers of the future need to account for the consumer's ability to assess the marketplace at their finger tips and discern good value from poor value. Grewal Marketing, Canadian edition is all about the concepts and tools that help marketers create value for customers. Grewal introduces the concept of value in chapter 1 and carries it through the entire text. Throughout the text there are numerous examples that define how companies create value for customers through branding, packaging, pricing, retailing, service, and advertising.

Examples such as - water. Not too long ago, consumers perceived this basic commodity as simply water. It came out of a faucet and was consumed for drinking and washing. Today bottled water is a $35 billion worldwide industry with US sales in excess of $6 billion.

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