Kumon Decimals & Fractions Grade 4

Kumon Decimals & Fractions Grade 4

Category: Math
Sub Category: School Math K-12
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$8.95 each

ISBN: 9781933241586

This book focuses on addition and subtraction of decimals and fractions. Children learn to read, write, and order decimals to the hundredths place and fractions up to 20/11. Our workbook also familiarizes children with proper and improper fractions, as well as fractions with like denominators, preparing them for more advanced math concepts.

Topics Covered in this Book:

-Addition & subtraction review
-Read, write & order decimals to the hundredth place
-Vertical form addition & subtraction of decimals
-Read, write & identify fractions up to 20/11
-Rewriting improper fractions
-Addition & subtraction of fractions with like denominators

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