Intensive Practice 4A

Intensive Practice 4A

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ISBN: 9781932906066

Singapore Math Intensive Practice 4A by Singapore Math Inc.

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Intensive Practice U.S. Edition provides challenging supplementary material for primary level mathematics. It is recommended for capable students as a source of interesting review and challenging questions. It is equally applicable in the classroom or home setting.


Topical Review: Offers questions of varying levels of difficulty and type.
Mid-year and End-of-year Review: Provides students with consolidation and reinforcement opportunities.
Take the Challenge!: Deepens conceptual understanding.
More Challenging Problems: Stimulates interest through challenging and thought-provoking problems.
Note: Answer key located in the back of each book.

Table of Contents

Topic 1 – Whole Numbers
Topic 2 – Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers
Topic 3 – Fractions
Topic 4 – Tables and Graphs
Topic 5 – Angles
Topic 6 – Perpendicular and Parallel Lines
Topic 7 – Area and Perimeter
Mid-Year Review
More Challenging Problems

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