Infinite Challenge Precalculus 11

Infinite Challenge Precalculus 11

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Infinite Challenger Precalculus 11.

Key points concisely summarized - More than 450 complete guided examples - 3000 carefully crafted questions with Full Solutions! - 1400 graphs and diagrams to help explain and solve problems! =====

At all levels of mathematics, the best way to learn new concepts is by solving numerous questions. Through this Pre-calculus 11 workbook, students master the mathematical foundations required to succeed in Calculus. Following a short review of the fundamental concepts and guided examples, students are challenged with exercise questions ranging in difficulty. There are over 450 guided examples and 3000 questions, with full solutions, because practice makes perfect. =====

The chapters are: Chapter 1. Polynomials; Chapter 2. Radical Expressions and Equations; Chapter 3. Rational Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities; Chapter 4. Quadratic Equations and Inequalities; Chapter 5. Quadratic Functions; Chapter 6. Systems of Equations and Inequalities; Chapter 7. Trigonometry; Chapter 8. Absolute Value, Reciprocal, and Exponential Functions; Chapter 9. Financial Literacy ======

Richard N.S. Seong has a life-long passion for mathematics and teaching; he has been teaching mathematics for over 25 years. He aspires to teach students mathematical concepts and fundamentals to enable students to succeed. Since arriving in Canada 20 years ago, Richard established and teaches at the King Learning Centre in West Vancouver to support students in their academic pursuits. Pre-calculus 11 is his fourth book promoting student success in mathematics.

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