Hot Words for the SAT - Seventh Edition

Hot Words for the SAT - Seventh Edition

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$12.50 each

ISBN: 9781438011806

Barron’s Hot Words for the SAT features more than 500 words that appear most frequently on the SAT. This edition includes additional lessons on the vocabulary specific to the SAT Reading and SAT Writing and Language tests.

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In each lesson, author Linda Carnevale focuses on a thematic word cluster—groups of words that have similar meanings or words used in similar circumstances—which makes it easier for students to learn usage, connotation, and the subtle differences between synonyms.

Also included are:

Phonetic pronunciation keys for each word
Memory tips
Review exercises following every five lessons
An alphabetical word index

Hot Words for the SAT helps students expand their vocabulary, enrich their essay writing, and facilitate their reading so they can improve their test-taking skills and score higher.

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