Financial Management 2nd Canadian Edition: Theory and Practice Hardcover

Financial Management 2nd Canadian Edition: Theory and Practice Hardcover

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The Brigham name in Finance provides one of the most widely recognized Author brands in higher education publishing. The Brigham series of textbooks has been a mainstay in the Finance discipline for decades and millions of students have had their first exposure to finance through one of his textbooks. In addition to name and product recognition, the Brigham books rank extremely high in terms of reliability, accuracy and thoroughness. Financial Management: Theory and Practice, Second Canadian edition is a tested, trusted product that has continued to evolve to meet the needs of the marketplace. The book is aimed at the undergraduate Corporate Finance course and can straddle the MBA market. With a strong emphasis on Valuation as a central theme, the book has an even balance between the theoretical and the applied approaches. Throughout the book, the importance of free cash flow is emphasized and linked to the firm’s overall value. The book has been thoroughly adapted for Canadian courses and includes a series of Web extensions that can be used to teach the book to a higher level audience as well as Excel integration to assist with courses that teach finance with the help of Excel models. Additionally, several new end-of-chapter intermediate or challenging problems have been added to every chapter. The book has sufficient coverage so as to be used over one or two terms.

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