Everyday Survival English

Everyday Survival English

Category: English
Sub Category: Speaking
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$22.95 each

ISBN: 9781932222470

CEFR Level : A2

Target : Advanced

Features include:
-72 different situations, from daily activities to special events
-Naturally spoken vocabulary and structures
-Fun, full-color illustrations to aid comprehension
-Audio CD included, to further promote listening and pronunciation

  • Description

From the Back Cover of the Book;

Everyday Survival English provides a fresh and interesting approach to sudying basic vocabulary and exprssions neccessary for interacting with others in English.  Written as a story and presented in a comic format, the six main characters in the book guide learners step by step through important spects of commonly enountered situations.  Everyday Survival English is a dynamic classroom resource and an exxential aid in home study.

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