Everyday English for Young People

Everyday English for Young People

Category: English
Sub Category: Speaking
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$22.95 each

ISBN: 9781599660622

CEFR Level : B1

- Natural and up-to-date English based on research by students in Michigan middle and high schools recently
- Culture notes
- Advice about idioms
- Full grammatical contexts
- Audio CD, with all voices by native speakers of North American English
- Illustrated multi-skills activity book is available separately 

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From Back Cover of the book;

Everyday English for Young People uses liverly, colorful pictures to teach English vocabulary central to the everyday lives of teens.  The characters are secondary school students who play video games, practice soccer, do homesork, give class presentations, go shopping at a mall, use instant messaging, and do all the other things young people do.  The text focuses on verbs, the action word you need to talk about your everyday life in English.

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