English, Yes! - Level 2 : Introductory

English, Yes! - Level 2 : Introductory

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ISBN: 9780078311093

Level 2 : Introductory 

Jamestown Education's English, Yes! is a literature-based program for English language learners (ELL). The series features fine adaptations of contemporary and classic literature. 

Each book contains a comprehensive three-part skills check based on the acronym YES:

Make learning English easier with multicultural literature that motivates students

Multicultural literature engages students in English language learning
Comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar are developed in narrative contexts
Flexible teaching options meet the needs of all your English language learners
Unlike other English language programs, English, Yes! uses a magnificent array of multicultural literature as the foundation for improving comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and writing. Adapted selections from classic and contemporary authors engage students in learning English. Cooperative learning activities encourage readers to improve their writing, listening, and speaking skills.

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You can answer these questions

Self-scoring multiple-choice questions review  

* reading comprehension

* vocabulary

* idioms

Exercises to help you

* reading comprehension

* sentence structure

* verbs/tenses

* parts of speech

* punctuation

* writing

Sharing with others

Cooperative learning activities improve students' skills in

* listening

* speaking

* writing

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