English Result: Upper Intermediate Multipack A

English Result: Upper Intermediate Multipack A

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Sub Category: Speaking
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$39.95 each

ISBN: 9780194130059

English Result Upper-intermediate is designed to take a strong B1-level student to B2 on the Common European Framework of Reference scales.

A new general English course with a strong focus on student motivation and communicative speaking outcomes. Package includes DVDs and interactive whiteboard resources.

English Result offers a fresh approach to learning. The two-page lesson format maximizes student motivation through enjoyment and success.
-Enjoyment comes from the visual whole-page texts in every lesson.
-Success comes from putting real-world language into practice - in every lesson.
-With class DVDs, teacher's DVDs and interactive whiteboard resources available, you get total multimedia support for the classroom.

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- Student's DVD includes real-world documentary clips and authentic interviews, for self-study and to use in class.

- Student's MultiROM provides interactive listening, pronunciation, and vocabulary practice, plus downloadable self-study documents.

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