English for Everyday Activities

English for Everyday Activities

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ISBN: 9781599665412

A Picture Porcess Dictionary with Audio CD

2nd edition

This user-friendly text focuses on what people do, linking activities to people, places, objects, and circumstances.

Features include key vocabulary lists in every unit, a detailed index, usage notes, guides to the use of main verb tenses, and helpful appendices.  It is highly versatile, allowing students to move with ease from concepts to verbal expressions.  The audio CD contains captions and dialog from each picture in the book. 

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From Back Cover of the Book;

English for Everyday Activities, Second Edition helps beginning ESL / EFL students learn the skills they need to communicate the step-by-step aspects of daily occurrences.  Unlike most illustrated dictionaries, this is an integrated series that features text with clear and colorful pictorial detail. The book covers a range of activities from everyday life, such as using public transportation, preparing food, and using an ATM.  This new edition offers updated units related to using current technologies.  It is a vibrant classroom resource, highly suitable for home study, and also helpful to more advanced learners.

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