Daily Paragraph Editing, Grade 5

Daily Paragraph Editing, Grade 5

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Our “Daily Paragraph Editing, Grade 5” curriculum and practice materials build upon the conventions of Standard English, as well as develop the knowledge of language. Our materials are geared toward your students’ grade level — they will develop their skills in capitalization, language usage, punctuation usage, spelling, editing and more!

Encourage students in the development and mastery of these skills now and help them be successful in their future educational careers.

Students will be pleasantly surprised that daily language editing practice and language arts can be fun. Our interactive materials have been expertly developed by professionals who understand the needs of both teachers and students. Our “extras” have been thoughtfully included with both teachers and students in mind and include a student handbook that is easily reproducible and provides simple, clear rules and examples of grammar, mechanics and spelling skills; examples of proofreading marks that will help model standard markings that editors use to correct and edit texts; a checklist to help students when revising and editing a peer’s writing or their own; and an assessment rubric to guide teachers in the evaluations of students’ writing.

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Daily Paragraph Editing, Grade 5 covers grade-level skills in these areas:

-language usage
-punctuation: apostrophes
-punctuation: commas
-punctuation: periods
-punctuation: quotation marks
-other types of punctuation

Daily Paragraph Editing “extras” include:

-a student language handbook that provides simple, clear rules and examples of their application to guide students in correct use of the mechanics, grammar, and spelling skills covered in the daily paragraphs.
-a page of reproducible proofreading marks that models the standard markings used to correct and edit text.
-an editing checklist to guide students in reviewing and revising their own writing or that of a peer.
-an assessment rubric to guide teachers in conducting a holistic evaluation of student writing.

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