Complete MathSmart Grade 6 New Edition

Complete MathSmart Grade 6 New Edition

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Complete MathSmart Grade 6 New Edition by Popular Book Company

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Complete MathSmart is one of our all-time bestselling workbooks, which helps your child build a strong math foundation. Each book in this series is comprised of three levels: Basic Skills, Further Your Understanding, and Applications. Each section provides plenty of interesting and systematic practice for developing and improving your child’s math skills.

Filled with Canadian Curriculum based content, this 272-page workbook is printed in black and white with fun illustrations throughout the workbook. Two tear-out assessment tests are provided for evaluating your child’s progress and an answer key is included to help them check their work.

In addition, the QR codes in each book will bring your child to our online resources for interactive videos, which further develop their understanding of math concepts. The QR codes provide a quick and easy link to enrich the learning experience while working on the workbook. Grade 6 video topics include: What Are Prime Numbers?, How to Multiply a Decimal Number by a Whole Number, How to Divide a Decimal Number by a Whole Number,  Converting Between Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers, and Area of Polygons.

The Complete MathSmart workbook will help students be well-equipped with the essential skills and strategies for solving math problems at the sixth-grade level.

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