Complete Canadian Curriculum (Revised and Updated) Grade 8

Complete Canadian Curriculum (Revised and Updated) Grade 8

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Revised and Updated Edition


June 2015

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The Complete Canadian Curriculum covers the key subject areas: Math, English, Georgraphy, and Science. The curriculum-based units are designed to ensure that children understand the concepts and master the necessary skills. With vivid illustrations and interesting activities, children would find working through Complete Canadian Curriculum both fun and rewarding.

Inside Complete Canadian Curriculum Grade 8 workbook:

Mathematics worksheets cover exponents, square roots, Pythagorean Theorem, integers, order of operations, expanded form and scientific notation, ratio and proportion, rate, application of percent, fractions, decimals, fractions and percents, circumference and area, surface area and volume, volume and surface area of solids, angle properties of intersecting lines, angle properties in parallel lines, angle properties in a triangle, constructing bisectors, transformations, number patterns, algebraic expressions, equations, data management, and probability.

English worksheets cover finite verbs, non-finite verbs, non-progressive verbs, phrasal verbs, prepositional verbs, prepositional adjectives, order of adjectives, interrogative adverbs, relative adverbs, position of adverbs, viewpoint adverbs, commenting adverbs, conjunctions, noun phrases, active voice, passive voice, types of sentences, dependent clauses, reported speech, indirect speech, conditional clauses, paraphrasing, summarizing, transitional words, transitional phrases, chronological order, argumentative writing, speech writing, and editing.

History worksheets cover creating Canada, 1850 – 1890, Canada, 1890-1914: a changing society, changed in Canada, conflict and cooperation etc.

Geography worksheets cover physical environment and human settlements, global human settlement patterns, global settlement trends, impact of human settlements, sustainable human settlements, land-use issues, quality of life, quality of life – interrelationships among factors, quality of life – correlations between indicators, fair trade and quality of life, organizations for improving quality of life, economic systems and sectors.

Science worksheets cover cell theory, animal and plant cells, structures and organelles in cells, diffusion and osmosis, the organization of cells, systems, systems: input and output, the work systems do, work, mechanical advantage, and efficiency, evolving systems, where on earth is water, what is a watershed?, the water table, glaciers and polar ice caps, water conservation, fluids and density, viscosity, buoyancy, compressed fluids - hydraulics and pneumatics, using fluids.

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