Common Core Success Grade 6 English Language Arts

Common Core Success Grade 6 English Language Arts

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Common Core Success Grade 6 English Language Arts by Erinn Hennessey

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Looking for a clear-cut way to help students meet—and exceed—the new Common Core standards? Each Barron’s COMMON CORE SUCCESS workbook offers an in-depth review of a full year of the curriculum, and is filled with engaging activities, color photos and illustrations, and an open design. Authored by seasoned educators who have successfully implemented Common Core in their own classrooms, these books make mastering the Common Core standards both attainable and fun. They are the perfect tool for teachers and parents to help students prepare for success—now and in the years to come.

Each Barron’s COMMON CORE SUCCESS ELA workbook offers:
"Digging Deeper" activities that excite students and make them want to learn more about lots of different topics
Units on reading and writing divided into thematic lessons
(instead of isolated topics) designed for self-study and exploration
"Stop and Think" sections throughout, consisting of "Review," "Understand," and "Discover"

From building basic fluency to reading and writing informational texts and literature, our workbooks are specifically designed to help students master the ELA standards.

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