Common Core Success Grade 3 Math

Common Core Success Grade 3 Math

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Barron's Common Core Success Grade 3 Math by Christina Marchese Zivec

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The recent implementation of Common Core Standards across the nation has offered new challenges to teachers, parents, and students. The Common Core Success series gives educators, parents, and children a clear-cut way to meet—and exceed—those grade-level goals.

Unlike other dry, text-heavy guides on the market, our workbooks offer fun, four-color illustrations and artwork that pull children in and make learning fun. Our Grade 3 Math workbook is specifically designed to mirror the way teachers actually teach in the classroom. It includes:
“Ace it Time!”: checklists that guide students through the problem solving process
Units divided into thematic lessons and designed for self-guided study
“Stop and Think” sections throughout, consisting of “Review,” “Understand,” and “Discover”

Students will find a wealth of practical information—presented in a colorful, engaging way—that will help them master the Common Core.

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