Collins School World Atlas (New Edition)

Collins School World Atlas (New Edition)

Category: Social Studies
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ISBN: 9780007320851

The must-have atlas for pupils aged 11-14
This world atlas is designed to support Key Stage 3 students aged 11-14 years in developing their geographical and mapping skills. The content follows requirements of the National Curriculum and has been reviewed by educational experts.

A clear, easy-to-read ‘Introducing Atlas Maps’ section explains key information and encourages development of map, atlas and data handling skills. Comprehensive reference maps include facts, photos, map keys and engaging descriptive text. An extended ‘World’ section covers all the global issues required by the National Curriculum, such as population, climate change and environmental issues.

· Clearly explains key information such as latitude and longitude, scale, projections, distance, symbols, satellite images and GIS
· Includes focus country studies and covers global issues required by the National Curriculum
· Map coverage of the United Kingdom and Ireland, Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Oceania and Antarctica
· Ideal for classroom use or home learning
· Suitable for ages 11-14 (KS3 and S1-S2)

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