Claims to Fame Book 2: Fourteen Short Biographies

Claims to Fame Book 2: Fourteen Short Biographies

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Sub Category: Reading Comprehension
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$24.95 each

ISBN: 9780838823750

Claims to Fame 2 contains 14 biographies of people from a variety of careers. The following biographies are included: Jerry YangElizabeth CochraneDr. Susan ScottJose MartiPatricia Jean BillingsDr. Daniel Hale WilliamsKatherine SwitzerAl HirschfeldSarah Breedlove WalkerSam WanamakerDr. Sara Josephine BakerMaya LinJaime LaredoEliza Lucas PickneyThe brief stories are accompanied by black-and-white photos showing the person in his or her work. Three exercises 151 Thinking about What You Have Read, Working with Words, and Writing Skills 151 check comprehension, expand vocabulary, and offer writing opportunities.

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