Challenging Word Problems 1 Common Core Edition

Challenging Word Problems 1 Common Core Edition

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Primary Mathematics Challenging Word Problems 1 Common Core Edition by Yan Kow Cheong

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Challenging Word Problems provides ample practice for students of mixed abilities, but is especially recommended for the most capable math students as a source of challenging word problems. This series supplements Primary Mathematics Common Core Edition, but can be used with any math curriculum as long as students have the necessary computation skills. It is applicable to both home and classroom use. 

Problems can be selected for a daily challenge or for discussion, or students can attempt the problems independently. Do not expect even the most capable students to be able to answer all the problems without assistance. Students will have to apply a variety of problem solving strategies, including using concrete manipulatives as needed. Though solutions are provided, a specific strategy is not required, and alternate methods are quite possible to arrive at the answer. Challenging Word Problems is a good source of problems in which students can practice explaining their reasoning or demonstrate their problem-solving abilities. 

Note: Answer key included.

Table of Contents

Number Bonds
Addition Within 10
Subtraction Within 10
Ordinal Numbers
Addition Within 20
Subtraction Within 20
Shapes and Patterns
Addition Within 40
Subtraction Within 40
Addition Within 100
Subtraction Within 100
Addition with Money
Subtraction with Money
Review Questions

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