Bricks Intensive Reading 4

Bricks Intensive Reading 4

Category: English
Sub Category: Reading Comprehension
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$26.95 each

ISBN: 9788964359068

Bricks Intensive Reading is a four-leveled reading course. Using the most up-to-date reading texts, the course is designed to help students master the active reading skills they need to be successful on tests. The book contains hundreds of skill-building exercises covering all types of questions used in today's exams and reading tests. The comprehensive course is designed for intermediate to upper-intermediate learners who want to achieve academic success.

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● Intensive test practice to achieve high test scores
● Authentic and academic reading contents for building knowledge in various topics
● Extensive vocabulary exercises
● Emphasis on reading skills
● Writing, paraphrasing, summarizing activities to strengthen reading ability
● Additional Grammar Plus and Confusing Words sections

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