BC Science Connections 9 Hardcover Textbook

BC Science Connections 9 Hardcover Textbook

Category: Science
Sub Category: School Science K-12
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ISBN: 9781259650697

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The BC Science Connections program is 100% Curriculum aligned and supported inquiry-based learning. It leverages students natural sense of curiosity and wonder so they learn by actively engaging in activities while having access to clear, concise, and highly visual curriculum specific content to support knowing, doing and understanding.

- Inquire - new activities and labs offer a wide variety of problem-based and inquiry options from directed, guided and open to meet student needs
- Connect - written by a trusted team of BC educators with years of classroom experience who have actively worked on implementing the new curriculum.

Key Features:
- Support for place-based learning and integrates First Peoples ways of knowing into your science classroom.
- Builds students confidence with solid science content that is easy to understand and provides the background necessary to personalized inquiry.
- Engages students with relevant science content, dynamic visuals and intriguing labs.
- Develops and supports scientific literacy, engages students with dynamic content, lab experiences and a rich array of resources to ensure students understand the big idea.

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