Barron's Science 360: A Complete Study Guide to Chemistry with Online Practice

Barron's Science 360: A Complete Study Guide to Chemistry with Online Practice

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ISBN: 9781506281421

Barron’s Science 360: Chemistry is your complete go-to guide for everything chemistry

This comprehensive guide is an essential resource for:

High school and college courses
Virtual Learning
Learning pods

Inside you’ll find:

*Comprehensive Content Review: Begin your study with the basic building block of chemistry and build as you go. Topics include, atomic structure, chemical formulas, electrochemistry, the basics of organic chemistry, and much more.
*Effective Organization: Topic organization and simple lesson formats break down the subject matter into manageable learning modules that help guide a successful study plan customized to your needs.
*Clear Examples and Illustrations: Easy-to-follow explanations, hundreds of helpful illustrations, and numerous step-by-step examples make this book ideal for self-study and rapid learning.
*Practice Exercises: Each chapter ends with practice exercises designed to reinforce and extend key skills and concepts. These checkup exercises, along  with the answers and solutions, will help you assess your understanding and monitor your progress.
*Access to Online Practice: Take your learning online for 50 practice questions designed to test your knowledge with automated scoring to show you how far you have come.

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