¡Arriba! Comunicación y Cultura with MyLab Spanish, Second Canadian Edition

¡Arriba! Comunicación y Cultura with MyLab Spanish, Second Canadian Edition

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ISBN: 9780132444835

Hardcover Textbook. Used but good.

Students learning a language for the first time need responsive support and motivating resources to help them succeed. ¡ Arriba! with MySpanishLab is the ultimate combination–the most enriched beginning Spanish program ever created for Canadian students.¡Arriba! presentsSpanish in the engaging cultural framework of the modern Spanish-speaking world.

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The heavily revised second Canadian edition of ¡Arriba! caters specifically to the needs of Canadian students. It has a more concise format, a new preliminary chapter, streamlined vocabulary, and an access code to use MySpanishLab on-line . 

¡Arriba! strikes a balance between controlled language practice and communicative activities.  By adding a new preliminary chapter on the Spanish alphabet and pronunciation, presenting high-frequency terms, and incorporating vibrant visual aids, the authors have improved the manageability of the vocabulary for Canadian students.  Rich in pedagogy, ¡Arriba! continues to incorporate elements of Canadian culture throughout. 

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