Andrew Lost #2 in the Bathroom

Andrew Lost #2 in the Bathroom

Category: Novels
Sub Category: Trade Books
Collection(s): Award Winning Books
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$5.99 each

ISBN: 9780375812781

Stepping Stone Reading Series

RL : 2.9

Grade 2-4

Age : 6-9

  • Description

Andrew Dubble is in lots of trouble!

Andrew, his cousin Judy, and their robot pal, Thudd, have been lost on the neighbor's dog for one book already.  And now it's bathtime for the dog.  The bathroom is dangerous when you're the size of a flea! Hot water thunders down from the faucet like Niagara Falls.  Soap bubbles float overhead like monster blimps!  And when someone pulls the plug, will Andrew and his friends survive to see book number three? Or will they disappear down the drain...forever?

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