Anatomy and Physiology 12 Student Resource - BC Biology 12

Anatomy and Physiology 12 Student Resource - BC Biology 12

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BC Biology 12
ISBN: 9781927795316

Series Introduction... Life Sciences 11


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Anatomy and Physiology 12 is fully compatible with BC Biology 12 curriculum.

Full Colour – 240 pages
Table of Contents – indexing all the units and subunits of the revised curriculum.
11 Units – each one has:
Colour coding and “thumb tabs” for ease of reference
Learning outcomes and a representative photograph to start each unit
A Short Introduction to help provide a focused approach to the topic
Content broken into subunits and presented in an easy-to-read manner with key words highlighted when they are introduced. All key words (over 900 of them!) are defined in the Glossary at the back.
Opportunities for students to Check Knowledge and Understanding:
Concept Check-up Questions and Discussion Questions for every subunit in the book
Check Your Knowledge of Diagrams – the end of every unit
Check Your Knowledge of Concepts – a set of 25 multiple choice questions at the end of every unit.
Build Your Understanding of Concepts – a set of open-ended questions at the end of every unit.
Colourful Photographs and illustrations with captions; there are hundreds of visuals like these making the pages attractive and engaging
Emphasis on Health and Homeostasis throughout – the six physiology units conclude with a table of relevant Health Topics
QR codes (quick response codes) giving students access specific biology topics. These have potential as the basis for assignments and/or class discussions
Data tables, Flow Charts and Feedback Loops used as additional ways to illustrate and organize the content
Answers to all of the Concept Check-up Questions, Check Your Knowledge of Diagrams, and Check Your Knowledge of Concepts are provided in the book
Appendices with other useful information, such as histology, the endocrine system, cellular metabolism and the structure of the amino acids

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