Analogies 3

Analogies 3

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Each of the Analogies books consist of three parts. Part 1 provides information on analogies and how to solve them. This instructional material is written in clear, conversational English with a minimum of technical terms and makes mastery of analogy techniques manageable for students. Topics include the "bridge sentence," words with more than one meaning, two-step analogies, and various analogy types. There are also warm-up exercises for the students, which are followed up with helpful answers and explanations. Part 2 presents hundreds of analogies organized into three groups. Each group is broken down into units, with each unit consisting of twenty problems. There are fifteen units in Analogies 1 and Analogies 2, and twenty units in Analogies 3. Part 3 contains vocabulary groups of one hundred words each, with the alphabetized and defined words representing some of the most difficult ones in the corresponding analogy group. There are three vocabulary groups in Books 1 and 2, and four in Book 3.

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About Analogies Series: This program helps students sharpen reasoning ability, develop critical thinking, learn vocabulary, and prepare for standardized tests. These books use a step-by-step approach to analogy problem-solving written in a conversational style.

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