Addition 0-12 Flash Cards

Addition 0-12 Flash Cards

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Flash Cards
ISBN: 044222160678

*GRADES 1–3: Master first, second, and third grade math with addition flash cards. Maximize learning retention and ace tests and quizzes.
*INCLUDES: 94 cards focusing on addition facts 0 to 12. There is also a "resource card" featuring a cool way to utilize flash cards. Each card has a rounded corner for fast and easy flipping.
*FEATURES: Only one problem for each pair of commutative facts is included in this set. For example, if 3+4 is included, 4+3 is not included. Contains one problem per card, answers are located on the opposite side of the card.
*TEST PREP NECESSITY: Studying with flash cards increases concentration and improves recall. Flash cards are a tried and true way to study successfully. These are a great supplement to math workbooks, worksheets, and study lessons.
*HOMESCHOOL HELPER: Use these in the classroom or at home. Regardless of your homeschool curriculum, addition flash cards are the perfect addition to homeschool supplies.
*LEARNING TOOLS KIDS: You can pair addition flash cards with multiplication, division, and subtraction flash cards. Flash cards also allow children to develop thinking, decision-making, turn-taking, and social skills.

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