Active Listening with Speaking Level 1

Active Listening with Speaking Level 1

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Sub Category: Listening
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ISBN: 9780521678131

Level 1 : High-beginning to low-intermediate

It can be used as a main text for listening classes or as a component in speaking or integrated-skills classes.

* A Before you begin unit to develp awareness of listening strategies

* Updated prelistening schema-building activities to build vocabulary

* New Lsten again activities for additional coverage of listening skills

* Optional Your turn to talk pages that offer speaking and pronunciation practice

* New, culturally rich Expansion units that include authentic student interviews

* A new self-study listening section with audio CD for additional practice

  • Description

By the back cover page of the book;

Active Listening, Second Edition is a fully updated and revised edition of the popular three-level listening series for adult and young adult learners of North American English.  Each level offers students 16 engaging, task-based units, each built around a topic, function, or grammatical theme.  Grounded in the theory that learners are more successful listeners when they activate their prior knowledge of a topic, the series gives students a frame of reference to make predictions about what they will hear.  Through a careful balance of activities, students learn to listen for main ideas, to listen for details, and to listen and make inferences.

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