Academic Connections 4

Academic Connections 4

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Academic Connections is a four-level integrated skills course designed for students preparing for academic study as well as for standardized tests such as the TOEFL® test. A systematic, step-by-step approach helps students develop and sharpen their language, academic, and test-taking abilities.

Academic Connections was developed with the Educational Testing Service (ETS) and is based on extensive research into the actual language demands of higher education.

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Academic Connections is:

*Integrated. Academic Connections integrates all four language skills and teaches students how to integrate skills and content in real-world academic contexts.
*Academic. Explicit, step-by-step academic skill development leads to student mastery. With careful instruction and engaging practice tasks, students learn how to organize information, make connections, and think critically.
*Authentic. High-interest and intellectually stimulating authentic material familiarizes students with academic content. Authentic tasks include listening to lectures, note-taking, participating in debates, preparing oral and written reports, and writing essays.
*Assessment-Based. Academic Connections provides a variety of assessments and practice opportunities based upon individual needs.

The Audio CD is available separately.


Level 4 of Academic Connections has a systematic step-by-step approach that helps students develop their academic and test-taking skills.  

Table of Contents

Scope and Sequence

Unit 1    Urban Planning: Safe Cities

Unit 2    Business: Leadership Behavior

Unit 3    Environmental Science: Forest Fires

Unit 4    Art History: Defining Cubism

Unit 5    Sociology: Innovation

Unit 6    Physical Science: Nanotechnology

Unit 7    Microbiology: Fighting Infectious Diseases

Unit 8    Children's Literature: Characteristics of the Genre

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