AP Calculus AB: Infinite Challenge

AP Calculus AB: Infinite Challenge

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ISBN: 9780991698776
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Calculus is a branch of mathematics that is used in various fields of study such as mathematics, engineering, chemistry, physics, biology, economics, statistics, finance, etc. A solid understanding of Calculus is fundamental to both secondary school and college students.
This book aims to implement a deeper understanding and a stronger foundation of Calculus by providing over 350 guided examples, 1600 exercise questions and 1000 detailed graphs and diagrams. Students are led step-by-step through each question, with full solutions provided at the back of the book.
This book covers AP calculus curriculum (AB course). Thus, this book is suitable both for students approaching calculus for the first time, and those who are taking AP calculus course at a secondary school. I hope that this workbook will help students build a strong foundation of Calculus.

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