4000 Essential English Words 2e 2

4000 Essential English Words 2e 2

Category: English
Sub Category: Vocabulary
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ISBN: 9781640151345

Features- Clear, easy-to-understand definitions and examples for all target words
- Various activities to reinforce target vocabulary
- Progressive development of vocabulary across levels
- Reading passages which utilize target words
- Appealing photographs that illustrate each target word
- Free downloadable supplemental audio recordings of target word lists and reading passages build listening and aid in pronunciation

필수 단어들만 집합시켜 놓았습니다. 바로 사용해야 하는, 지금의 학업과 실 생활에 꼭 써야 하는, 각종 Test 에 빈출하는, 그런 단어들만 모아 모아 놓았습니다. 당장 필요한 어휘의 습득에 최적입니다.

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